Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So, you're interested in playing with my feet huh?

Hopefully I can answer all your questions in this post so please read carefully and if you still have questions, feel free to ask away via email at :)

Just as a brief on me - I am 25 years old, blonde and cute, very bright and NOT a professional at this by any means. This is what I do in my spare time, I love it, and am sure you will too. This is a VERY discreet thing for me, not to be in any way associated with my 'regular' life (as I'm sure is the case with you). I cater to professional, highly respectful men only - no creeps, no rude-talkers. Don't forget, I don't have to do this for you, this is a privledge I am granting you in sharing the beauty of my pretty little toes!

My feet are size 7, I scrub and polish them weekly, they are beautifully shaped and have yet to be anything less than adored on sight.

I own black, red, white, pinkish-clear, neon pink, bright blue and navy blue polishes, with the possibility of adding more. I'm fairly liberal with what 'activities' I allow with my feet.

licking, biting, sucking, kissing
rubbing all over you
stepping on you
force-feeding them to you

... all fine! Anything I haven't listed, feel free to ask. I'll do most anything as long as it doesn't hurt :)

My sessions are 140 which can be up to an hour, if you'd like multiple hours, no problem, a discount can be arranged for multiples as well.

That seems to have covered the basics I believe, all other inquiries, you know what to do!